Android Basics: Data Storage

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Android Basics: Data Storage

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Android Basics: Data Storage
The course Android Basics: Data Storage is an online class provided by Udacity. The skill level of the course is Beginner. It may be possible to receive a verified certification or use the course to prepare for a degree.

In this course, you will learn about the importance of data persistence when building an Android app. We’ll introduce you to the fundamentals of SQL, the programming language needed to interact with an SQLite relational database. SQLite is a commonly used method to store large sets of data locally on an Android device.

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  • Android Basics: Data Storage
  • 8 weeks
  • You’ll also learn how to work with Content Providers, which help your data storage to be bug free and to be shared, if you choose, with other apps.
  • If you’re curious about the road even farther ahead, these are the free courses that make up the Android Basics Nanodegree, in order:
  • Using SQLite
  • Adding SQLite to Your App
  • Building a ContentProvider
  • Using a CursorAdapter and CursorLoader
  • Learn how to store app data in an SQLite database – a widely used industry data structure.
  • Efficiently structure your app data tables.
  • Learn the basics of SQL and practice reading, modifying, and deleting data from a database.
  • Hook up a database to your Android app.
  • Setup a Contract class.
  • Read and write information from the database and handle a Cursor object.
  • Learn how basics of a ContentProvider and add one to your app.
  • Learn to design URIs for your ContentProvider.
  • Implement the required functions to use your ContentProvider.
  • Learn how automatically load data using a CursorAdapter and CursorLoader into a scrollable list.
  • Allow users to select and edit information they’ve saved off.
  • Polish the menus and layouts in your app.
  • This course assumes you have taken Android for Beginners, Android Basics: Multiscreen Apps, and Android Basics: Networking.
  • You will also need Android Studio installed on your computer.
  • See the Technology Requirements for using Udacity.
  • Data storage is an important facet of your favorite Android apps, and it can help you make compelling apps! Data storage allows your users to leave their mark on your app and have that mark persist over time.
  • Additionally, building data storage into your Android app is a skill that many employers look for when selecting Android developers.

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Android Basics: Data Storage

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Android Basics: Data Storage

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Android Basics: Data Storage
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Android Basics: Data Storage
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