Begin Programming: Build Your First Mobile Game

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Begin Programming: Build Your First Mobile Game

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Begin Programming: Build Your First Mobile Game
The course Begin Programming: Build Your First Mobile Game is an online class provided by University of Reading through Future Learn. It may be possible to receive a verified certification or use the course to prepare for a degree.

Learn basic Java programming by developing a mobile game that you can run on your computer, Android phone or tablet.

Course description
  • 5 weeks
  • Take your first steps into the world of computer programming and learn how to build your own mobile game in just five weeks. You’ll be introduced to the basic constructs and the principles behind computer programs, as well as the building blocks that are used to create them. Using the same tools as industry professionals, you’ll create algorithms to solve problems and translate them into code. Each week you’ll put into practice your new-found skills by changing the game code provided in the course, creating a game unique to you.
  • An introduction to the course, programming and the development environment for building the mobile game.
  • Setting up the software
  • Setting up the testing environment for your game
  • Debugging and operators.
  • Different data types and variables
  • Introduction to operators
  • Applying variables and operators to the game
  • Modifying the game to change the speed of the ball and moving the ball to a position specified by user.
  • Conditional statements and comments.
  • Array variables and looping constructs.
  • Modifying the program to make the ball stay on the screen and adding a control paddle for the user.
  • Modifying the game to include multiple target objects for the ball to bounce from. The target objects are implemented using arrays and accessed using ‘for’ loops.
  • How to decide which algorithm is required to solve more complex tasks.
  • Considering which algorithm to implement, to modify the game.
  • Functions or methods – separate parts of a program.
  • Modifying the program using functions to replace any repeated code.
  • Consolidation of the course – analysing the game.
  • Considering the process behind implementing another game.
  • Compile and run a java application on a mobile phone or emulator
  • Modify java code
  • Identify and use different data types and Java programming constructs
  • Develop a simple program in Java to run on a mobile phone
  • This beginners’ course teaches the basics of programming and you don’t need any knowledge of coding to take part. You may find it challenging at times, but we hope it’ll be fun too. However, the course does require you to be comfortable downloading, unzipping and installing software to your computer. If you think that you may find this difficult, you may like to have someone with a good knowledge of IT on hand to help you – particularly in Week 1.
  • The 4 hours per week is an estimate based on past participants’ experiences, however some previous participants have reported taking much less time, while others take considerable longer to complete some weeks. This will depend on your experience and to some extent how powerful your computer is.
  • This course includes video content and other visual teaching methods. As such, blind and visually impaired students may need a helper.
  • University of Reading
  • The University of Reading has a reputation for excellence in teaching, research and enterprise.

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Begin Programming: Build Your First Mobile Game

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Coding & Programming, IT & Computer Science

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University of Reading

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Online, self-paced (see curriculum for more information)



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Begin Programming: Build Your First Mobile Game

To obtain a verified certificate from Future Learn / University of Reading you have to finish this course or the latest version of it, if there is a new edition. The class may be free of charge, but there could be some cost to receive a verified certificate or to access the learning materials. The specifics of the course may have been changed, please consult the provider to get the latest quotes and news.
University of Reading
Begin Programming: Build Your First Mobile Game
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Begin Programming: Build Your First Mobile Game
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