Flower Arrangements in China and Japan | 现代生活美学:花之道

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Flower Arrangements in China and Japan | 现代生活美学:花之道

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Flower Arrangements in China and Japan | 现代生活美学:花之道
The course Flower Arrangements in China and Japan | 现代生活美学:花之道 is an online class provided by Tsinghua University through edX. The skill level of the course is Introductory. It may be possible to receive a verified certification or use the course to prepare for a degree.

Pursuing the philosophy of harmony between man and nature, covering the knowledge of Chinese, Japanese and Western flower art; practical flower arranging skills and self-cultivation

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中国文人生活的厅堂之雅,在宋代已形成“文人四艺”的琴棋书画,和“生活四艺”的插花、点茶、焚香、挂画。经过数千年的传承与发展,生活四艺不仅是技艺,更可从中领悟人与天地自然合一之妙,体验一种智慧、高雅、优美的生活方式,借以修身养性,渐而入道。插花是将鲜切植物素材(枝叶花果等),配以合适的器皿,经过一定的修剪技术和造型艺术,重新创作出一件抒情表意的精致艺术品。通过插花的仪式和创作过程,放下杂念,让心得以宁静,体悟天地自然之性情,之花道。课程首先梳理东西方插花的发展脉络,从插花看中国、日本以及西方花文化的不同特征,以及相互影响和融合的过程;然后进入到插花的操作层面,如植物知识、色彩构成,东方插花构成等。在此过程中,认识和亲近植物花卉,关注内心体验,平衡心理,培养优雅的生活方式和社交礼仪。The elegance of the hall of Chinese literati, in the Song Dynasty has formed the “the Four arts of literati”: lyre-playing, chess, calligraphy and “Four Arts of Life”: flower arrangement, tea, incense burn, hanging pictures. After thousands of years of inheritance and development, life four art is not only a skill, but also to learn from the natural unity between man and heaven, experience a wise, elegant, graceful way of life, to self-cultivation, gradually and humanely.Flower arrangement is the fresh cut plant material (foliage flower fruit, etc.), with the appropriate utensils, after a certain degree of pruning technology and plastic arts, to recreate a lyric ideographic exquisite art. Through the ritual of flower arranging and creation process, put aside distractions, let the experience with tranquility, realize the nature of heaven and earth, the flower way. The course first combs the development of East-west flower arrangement, and looks at the different characteristics of Chinese, Japanese and western flower culture, as well as the process of mutual influence and integration, and then enters into the operation level of flower arrangement, such as plant knowledge, color composition, oriental flower arrangement and so on. In this process, recognize and close to plant flowers, pay attention to inner experience, balance psychology, cultivate elegant lifestyle and social etiquette.

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Flower Arrangements in China and Japan | 现代生活美学:花之道

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Flower Arrangements in China and Japan | 现代生活美学:花之道

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Flower Arrangements in China and Japan | 现代生活美学:花之道
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Flower Arrangements in China and Japan | 现代生活美学:花之道
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