Managing Remote Teams with Upwork

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Managing Remote Teams with Upwork

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Managing Remote Teams with Upwork
The course Managing Remote Teams with Upwork is an online class provided by Udacity. The skill level of the course is Beginner. It may be possible to receive a verified certification or use the course to prepare for a degree.

As companies embrace remote work, managers need to adopt strategies tailored to globally distributed teams. In this course you’ll learn the tools and develop the skills and strategies needed to hire, manage, and optimize remote teams. Udacity has developed this course in partnership with Upwork, the world’s leading professional freelance platform. Managing Remote Teams gives you practical advice on how to build a culture that embraces remote workers and delivers bottomline results for your business. After taking this course, you’ll be able to quickly apply remote-team best practices to your existing workforce, or begin building your remote workforce from scratch.

Course description
  • Managing Remote Teams with Upwork
  • 1 hour
  • Manage Remote Teams Like a Pro
  • Lead the product strategy of industry-defining products, and learn to successfully bring them to market.
  • Managing Remote Teams
  • State of Remote Work
  • Skills and Tools for Remote Teams
  • Hiring for a Remote Team
  • Managing a Remote Team
  • Agile with Remote Teams
  • Scaling Remote Teams
  • No prerequisite. Anyone who is interested in building and managing remote teams would benefit from the concepts taught in this course.
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  • This course is specifically designed for remote workers, managers of remote teams, and anyone considering going remote. Having team members spread across time-zones, locales, and cultures requires a completely different way of looking at communication, collaboration, and team-building. In this course you’ll hear from leading industry practitioners on the strategies and tools they’ve developed over the years to manage remote teams effectively. This includes strategies for using Agile methodology for engineering teams, utilizing collaboration tools, and building bonds amongst your team members. After taking this course, you’ll be equipped to tackle the challenges involved in creating a cohesive team that rarely comes together face-to-face. In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, remote-team management is a key skill for any professional.

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Managing Remote Teams with Upwork

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Product Manager

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Online, self-paced (see curriculum for more information)



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Managing Remote Teams with Upwork

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Managing Remote Teams with Upwork
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Managing Remote Teams with Upwork
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