Medicine and the Arts: Humanising Healthcare

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Medicine and the Arts: Humanising Healthcare

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Medicine and the Arts: Humanising Healthcare
The course Medicine and the Arts: Humanising Healthcare is an online class provided by University of Cape Town through Future Learn. It may be possible to receive a verified certification or use the course to prepare for a degree.

Explore the field of medical humanities – the intersection of the arts, humanities and healthcare – with this free online course.

Course description
  • 6 weeks
  • This free online course will explore the intersection of medicine, medical anthropology and the creative arts. Through each of its six weeks, we’ll visit a new aspect of human life and consider it from the perspectives of people working in health sciences, social sciences and the arts. Explore the emerging field of medical humanities The course will introduce you to the emerging field of medical humanities and the concept of whole person care, via these six themes: The Heart of the Matter: A Matter of the Heart, Children’s Voices and Healing, Mind, Art and Play, Reproduction and Innovation, At the Edge: Madness and Medicine, Death and the Corpse. Together, we’ll question our propensity to separate the body from the mind in healthcare, consider what defines humanity, and share points of connection and difference between art and medicine. Learn with specialists from diverse fields Contributors to the course will include a psychologist, psychiatrist, heart surgeon, pathologist, oncologist, sociologist, poet and visual artist. They will pose critical questions about how we deal with health, healing and being human. Each has been filmed on location in Cape Town, including at the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital, the Heart of Cape Town Museum, and the Pathology Learning Centre. The course will encourage you to discuss your ideas with learners all over the world, and reflect on the ways in which bodies, health, social life, culture and the imagination intersect in your local setting. Together, we’ll ask: How is it that academic disciplines have become so rigid in their focus that they sometimes struggle to talk meaningfully to general audiences and other specialists? And what potential can we unlock by combining different fields of expertise and the silos of knowledge that otherwise separate them? By the end of the course, you’ll understand multiple, complex perspectives on health, illness and healing, and be able to create alternative responses to important health challenges.
  • The medical humanities and interdisciplinarity
  • Different understandings of the human heart
  • Children’s experience of illness and healing
  • Relationships between the mind, art and play
  • Creativity and innovation in healthcare
  • Representations of mental illness
  • Medical, social and cultural understandings of death
  • Identify interdisciplinary perspectives in health and humanities used in addressing complex healthcare challenges
  • Discuss how the arts and humanities contribute to improved healthcare practices
  • Understand the role of the arts in approaches to healthcare within six health-related topics
  • Contribute your local perspective and relate it to the perspective of others
  • This course is open to everyone. All that’s required is an interest in medicine, the arts or social sciences.
  • University of Cape Town
  • The University of Cape Town is one of the leading higher education and research institutions on the African continent and has a tradition of academic excellence that is respected worldwide.

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Medicine and the Arts: Humanising Healthcare

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Creative Arts & Media, Psychology & Mental Health

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University of Cape Town

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Online, self-paced (see curriculum for more information)



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Medicine and the Arts: Humanising Healthcare

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University of Cape Town
Medicine and the Arts: Humanising Healthcare
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Medicine and the Arts: Humanising Healthcare
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School: University of Cape Town
Topic: Creative Arts & Media, Psychology & Mental Health