Exploring Japanese Avant-garde Art Through Butoh Dance

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Exploring Japanese Avant-garde Art Through Butoh Dance

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Exploring Japanese Avant-garde Art Through Butoh Dance
The course Exploring Japanese Avant-garde Art Through Butoh Dance is an online class provided by Keio University through Future Learn. It may be possible to receive a verified certification or use the course to prepare for a degree.
See how Japanese art absorbed, refigured and influenced Western art in the 20th century through Hijikata Tatsumi’s butoh dance.
Course description
  • Get an introduction to the key concepts of Japanese avant-garde art
  • 4 weeks
  • Butoh dance is practiced and researched globally, but the work of its founder, Hijikata Tatsumi, is relatively unknown. This is in part because archival materials necessary to learning about Hijikata’s butoh are not widely disseminated.
  • This online course will make use of a wide range of archival materials in order to introduce Hijikata’s butoh within the context of Japanese and international post-war art and culture.
  • In doing so, it will both deepen the global understanding of butoh and explore innovative methods for dance education.
  • Collect and analyse archival materials relating performance, dance and related artworks.
  • Explore ways of connecting dance to its historical and cultural contexts.
  • Synthesise information relating to dance’s methods of creation (notation) with its creative outcomes (performance).
  • Collaborate with other users in researching the contexts of dance creation.
  • Reflect on how research transforms the experience of viewing dance.
  • Describe how Tatsumi Hijikata created and revolved butoh dance.
  • The course is aimed at any individual with an interest in Japanese culture and art, the experimental arts, and the performing arts, but it is principally directed towards undergraduate and postgraduate students, researchers and practicing artists.
  • The course also aims to be useful for educators wishing to deliver lectures and courses on butoh.
  • Keio University
  • Keio University is Japan’s first modern institution of higher learning, and since 1858 has established itself as a leader in Japan through its continued commitment to education, research and medicine.

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Exploring Japanese Avant-garde Art Through Butoh Dance

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Creative Arts & Media, History

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Keio University

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Online, self-paced (see curriculum for more information)



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Exploring Japanese Avant-garde Art Through Butoh Dance

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Exploring Japanese Avant-garde Art Through Butoh Dance
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Exploring Japanese Avant-garde Art Through Butoh Dance
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