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Prepare to Run a Code Club

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Prepare to Run a Code Club
The course Prepare to Run a Code Club is an online class provided by Raspberry Pi Foundation through Future Learn. It may be possible to receive a verified certification or use the course to prepare for a degree.
Build your confidence and get practical advice on launching and running a Code Club for young people._x000D_
Course description
  • Prepare to run a fun and educational Code Club
  • 3 weeks
  • Code Club is a global network of volunteers and educators who run free coding clubs for 9- to 13-year-olds.
  • This short course will give you the confidence and skills to run a Code Club for young people and inspire the next generation to get excited about computing and digital making.
  • You’ll get practical advice and tips from volunteers, teachers, and the Code Club team, and you’ll explore the free resources which Code Club provides.
  • Step-by-step guidance to get your Code Club started.
  • Create an action plan to set up a Code Club.
  • Design and delivering your first session with young people.
  • Ideas and tips on how to motivate your learners and celebrate their achievements.
  • Learners will engage our resources to support them to run a Code Club.
  • Learners will design their own action plan to get a club started.
  • Learners will identify what makes a great Code Club.
  • Learners will engage with the Code Club and digital making communities.
  • This course is ideal for volunteers, parents, and educators who are keen to join the Code Club network to run a coding club for young people.
  • Raspberry Pi Foundation
  • The Raspberry Pi Foundation works to put the power of digital making into the hands of people all over the world, so they are capable of understanding and shaping our increasingly digital world.

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Prepare to Run a Code Club

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Coding & Programming, IT & Computer Science, STEM Teaching, Teaching, Teaching Computing

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Raspberry Pi Foundation

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Online, self-paced (see curriculum for more information)



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Prepare to Run a Code Club

To obtain a verified certificate from Future Learn / Raspberry Pi Foundation you have to finish this course or the latest version of it, if there is a new edition. The class may be free of charge, but there could be some cost to receive a verified certificate or to access the learning materials. The specifics of the course may have been changed, please consult the provider to get the latest quotes and news.
Raspberry Pi Foundation
Prepare to Run a Code Club
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Prepare to Run a Code Club
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School: Raspberry Pi Foundation
Topic: Coding & Programming, IT & Computer Science, STEM Teaching, Teaching, Teaching Computing
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